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2016-08-28 09:31 PM

Don't forget that we have a Travel Bursary available for members presenting papers relevant to our interests at conferences.  (It can be any conference).

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 : Administration (General) : Claire Fanger ( Rice University )
 : Administration (Website) : Paul Coyne
 : Blog : Ioana Georgescu ( University of Waterloo )
 : Mr. Samuel P. Gillis Hogan ( Memorial University )
 : Dues and Membership : Edward Bever ( SUNY College at Old Westbury )
 : Journal and Book Series : Claire Fanger ( Rice University )
 : Richard Kieckhefer ( Northwestern University )
 : Kalamazoo Sessions : David Porreca ( University of Waterloo )
 : Manuscripts : Claire Fanger ( Rice University )
 : Newsletters : David Porreca ( University of Waterloo )
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